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BDA Auction

Bangalore Development Authority is the name which every person in Bangalore knows. The governing body is the one which is taking all the responsibilities of making Bangalore a world class city to live in by maintaining and developing its infrastructure. The Development Authority undertakes construction of many sites and then invites public applications in order to make allotments. The authority sometimes put the sites on auction as well in order to make sales more rapid.

BDA has recently developed many sites, flyovers, underpasses, bridges and many more to give city of Bengaluru a new and more enhanced look. At the same time, construction of hospitals, public parks, schools have not ceased making it sure that the public get maximum while it comes on topic to provide them with ample amenities. For the same, the BDA opens tenders so as to get contractors on work.

In this era of technology, BDA decided to keep pace with the time and hence now the authority is making things go digital by making tenders and site auctions go online. Now persons interested in taking parts in auctions for various sites, which the authority notifies from time to time, can take part in e-auctions thus eradicating the need of reaching to the any auction location and thus save time.

One can easily participate in these e-auctions from their home or office itself using PC and internet. The recent addition to the list of auctions is the HSR Layout which has been notified on 25th February 2012. For more updates, notifications on various e-auctions and news related to same, keep visiting

Last Updated On: 2012/02/29

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