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Chennai Property Tax

Chennai Property Tax is collected by the Corporation of Chennai (COC), which is the oldest municipal institution in India – active since September 29, 1688. Before beginning the procedure to make payment, the property needs to be assessed for the calculation of appropriate property tax. Then the homeowners need to fill out an appropriate form according to the type of construction. Form No. 6 is for new buildings, form no. 7 is for additional construction, and form no. 8 is for sub-division of buildings. These forms can be had from the office of the Revenue Officer.

You are also required to attach certain documents that may include a copy each for the title deed approved plan and receipt of tax last paid, and also an NOC from the owner of the Land for the assessment in case of leased lands. In order to help taxpayers complete the process comfortably and in less time, the Corporation of Chennai has put in place an online payment gateway, which also provides all necessary information regarding property tax status, rates, arrears and rules.

Chennai Property Tax Online

It is much easier to pay Chennai property tax online than to follow the traditional method. The process is simple and requires just the zone number, division code, bill number and sub number to get started. These pieces of information are necessary to check property tax status, make payment and obtain a payment receipt online. Moreover, you can also find information pertaining to streetwise basic rate structure, tax assessment method and all other rules and regulations through the official COC website. The website also provides you an online calculator that can help you calculate the applicable tax for any kind of property in Chennai. In case you find any discrepancy in your property tax, you can contact the Revenue Officer with your complaints at 2538 3614 / 2538 4510 Ext. 381.

Chennai Property Tax Assessment

Chennai property tax assessment process is based on the concept of reasonable letting value (R.L.V.), which has a legal base in the Section 100 of Chennai City Municipal Corporation Act, 1919. Each location in Chennai has a separate basic rate per square feet, which is used for the fixation of monthly rental value of a residential or commercial property lying in that location. The annual rental value is then derived, which forms the basis for the calculation of property tax in Chennai. The tax is collected every six months.

For a name change in property tax records, you need to apply on a prescribed form available at Public Information Centre located within the premises of Ripon Buildings, the headquarters of the Corporation of Chennai. The cost of application form is Rs. 50/- and the completed form is to be submitted to the COC Revenue Officer. The documents you must enclose in order to change name in property records include registered sale deed, death certificate, legal heir certificate, settlement deed, tax paid receipt and stamp duty of appropriate value.


Last Updated On: 2012/02/29

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