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Gurgaon Property Tax

Gurgaon Property Tax refers to the amount to be paid to Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. It is the main source of revenue for Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon. The major portion of property tax (Service tax) in Gurgaon is paid by the Garden Estate, DLF city Phase-I and II, Ambience Island, Central Park, Sector 42, May Field Garden Sector 50 and Maruti industrial area etc.

Here is the list of property tax rate according to different types of property.

Property TypeService Tax Rate
Self OccupiedNo Tax
Rental Property2.5% of the annual value
Commercial Property5.0% of the annual value

Annual Valuation (AV) is based on following method

AV = Cost of land + cost of building minus depreciation

Cost of land = Property area (sq yards) * Collector rate (Collector rate is different for different colonies)

Cost of building = Property area (sq ft) * Rate of Construction (fixed; according type of property.)

Depreciation = Cost of building * Life/100

The official website of MCG has all the information and news regarding property tax payment rates, payment centers, tax rate, and schedule time etc. property tax is to be paid with in 30 days from the date of execution of bill.

The calculation of property tax is based on the following method:-

(1a) The cost of land is determined as per Collector’s rate of the land fixed for the year 2008-2009 for that colony.

(1b) To determine the cost of construction, the rate is as follows:-

Super RCC - 1000/- per Sq. ft. (Multiplexes, Auditorium, Clubs, Towers, Business Parks, Shopping Malls etc.)
RCC/RBC - 600/- per sq. ft.
ACC/WBC - 335/- per sq. ft.

(1c) The depreciation of the building for Lal Dora and old M.C. Limit is taken at the rate of 1% per year of the construction cost subject to a maximum of 50%.

(1) Value of building Cost of construction + cost of land at collector rate
(2) Annual rateable value of the building 5% of the total value of building
(3) Annual rebate for maintenance 10% of the rateable value
(4) Value of the building after deducting maintenance rebate 90% of the rateable value
(5) Tax on land and building 2.5% of the rateable value for residential use, 5% of the rateable value for commercial use.

2(b) The formula for tax on land and building differs a little in case of Industrial and institutional units as shown below:

(1) Cost of building (Cost of construction + cost of land at collector rate). But only covered area portion of the building is taken into account for the determination of area of land. Vacant portion of the land is Not counted
(2) Annual rateable value 5% of the total value of building
(3) Rebate of annual maintenance 10% of rateable value.
(4) Annual rateable value after depreciation 90% of the total cost.
(5) Tax on land and building 5% of the annual rateable value

In case of buildings the cost of land is calculated as per Govt. instructions from Commissioner and Secretary.

IFor Two Storey BuildingCost of land
AGround Floor55%
BFirst Floor45%
IIFor Three Storey BuildingCost of land
AGround Floor40%
BFirst Floor35%
CSecond Floor25%
IIIFor Four Storey BuildingCost of land
AGround Floor30%
BFirst Floor27%
CSecond Floor23%
DThird Floor20%
IVFor Five Storey BuildingCost of land
AGround Floor25%
BFirst Floor22%
CSecond Floor20%
DThird Floor18%
EFourth Floor15%

For more news and notifications on Gurgaon Property Tax, Service Tax.

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Last Updated On: 2012/03/03

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