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HUDA Plot Scheme

HUDA Plot Scheme offers an opportunity to buy residential or commercial plots at various locations in Haryana at a price that is the most reasonable and below the market rate. The prime objective of HUDA is to identify new areas and make available the land to different stakeholders in order to expedite the process of urban settlement. To achieve the objective, it comes up with a new scheme every now and then, which is open for anybody who is willing to invest in Haryana real estate.

Keep checking the latest news from HUDA to get updates on the current scheme as well as the new scheme it is going to launch in future. The details of the scheme are made public through proper advertisement channels. Usually, the application forms are made available through the designated branches of one of more nationalized banks, such as Axis bank and HDFC bank. One has to complete the application form and submit the same at a bank branch along with the required earnest money.

After the closing of a scheme, all applications are collected and scrutinized for the compliance of eligibility and other rules as advertised by HUDA. A final list of applicants is prepared, which is then processed through a computerized draw of lots. This list is made public and one is allowed to check their application status and confirm their participation in the draw process. The draw date is announced later, but it is usually after six months of closing of a scheme.

The draw results consist of the names of the winners who could be allotted the plots as per the rules of Haryana Urban Development Authority. Payments can be made either in full or in installments and it is also possible to transfer properties to any other person. Payments can also be arranged through banks providing financial assistance. The draw results are made available online as well as through newspapers and other media sources.

HUDA New Plot Scheme

HUDA has announced a number of plot schemes in 2010 and 2011 opening up fresh avenues for the investors to buy properties in places like Karnal, Patuadi, Bahadurgarh, Gurgaon, Panchkula, Rewari, Jhajjar, Faridabad, Rohtak, Kaithal, Hansi, and Sonepat. Here is a brief overview.

HUDA Plot Scheme 2010

Bahadurgarh (Sector 11)Pataudi (Sector 1)Rewari (Sector 19)
Kaithal (Sector 21)
Gulha Cheeka
Jhajjar (Sector 9)
Freehold residential plot schemeNumber of residential plots for sale: 1,300  
Opened on March 5, 2010Booking closed on Aug 17, 2010Opened on August 18, 2010Opened on October 6, 2010
Closed on May 4, 2010Booking opened on June 18, 2010Closed on October 18, 2010Closed on December 6, 2010
Draw Results are available onlineDraw Results published on January 28, 2011Draw Results are available online 

HUDA Plot Scheme 2011

Rohtak (Sector 6)Karnal (Sector 32)
Opened on November 4, 2010Opened on January 6, 2011
Closed on January 4, 2011Closed on March 7, 2011
Draw of Lots: Expected in May 2011Draw of Lots: Expected in August 2011

Browse our website to get detailed information on these plot schemes. Check this page frequently for updates on HUDA Plot Scheme.

Last Updated On: 2012/03/03

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